DA Form 31 Fillable PDF

DA Form 31 is the military form that states a member of the U.S. military’s leave. Known as the Request and Authority for Leave, DA 31 must be filled out to provide information about the type of leave, when the leave is going to take […]

ADP 6-22

Army Doctrine Publication or shortly known as the ADP describes the Army Leadership and the Profession. This can be seen as a book that provides information about the Army leadership as well as the Army Profession. Army Leadership and Profession ADP 6-22 is a 132 […]

COLA Rates 2021

COLA or Cost of Living Allowance is the non-taxable allowance that is given to military service members who are overseas to adjust the cost of living in over 600 locations overseas. The COLA is also given to those who are located in Alaska and Hawaii. […]

BAH Rates 2021

BAH Rates in 2021 is going to be increased due to the base salary increase. For the most part, the BAH rate of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces is determined by his or her rank, the number of dependents, and the general cost […]

Is ATRRS Down?

Is ATRRS Down? The Army Training Requirements and Resources System is all online and can only be accessed on a base computer. If you’re wondering whether or not the ATRRS is down, the possibility is very low. Since it is run by the federal government, […]

What is AKO? Army Knowledge Online

AKO—Army Knowledge Online—is an online service that provides information services to the U.S. Army. All service members of the U.S. Army can have access to AKO. This includes Active Duty, Reserves, Natural Guard, and even Army civilian workers. Pretty much everyone who is working for […]

Military Spouse Benefits

Being the spouse of military service personnel is surely a demanding job on its own. It surely comes with some benefits though. Military spouse benefits aren’t something that the spouse of military personnel will receive directly such as cash but the government steps in to […]

When does FY2021 start? Increased Military Budget

Fiscal Year refers to a one-year period that governments, companies, corporates, and businesses use. The U.S. government Fiscal Year begins on October 1st of every year and ends on September 30th. With that said, the FY2021 will begin on October 1st, 2020, and end on […]