Military Spouse Benefits

Being the spouse of military service personnel is surely a demanding job on its own. It surely comes with some benefits though. Military spouse benefits aren’t something that the spouse of military personnel will receive directly such as cash but the government steps in to help on many occasions.

Aside from the free healthcare military service personnel and their dependents get, military spouse benefits range from free education to military discounts to free marriage counseling.

Also, military personnel gets housing for free. This covers for their dependents as well. If it is not provided, the military personnel and his or her spouse — even though isn’t directly — will get a housing allowance. This is known as the Basic Allowance for Housing or BAH. Learn more about it from here.

Military Discounts

Regardless of where you shop or go out to eat, there are surely going to be places that give discounts to military families. Since our nation values our heroes the most, you surely will be able to get a discount even if your spouse isn’t with you. Although this is something that isn’t provided by the military itself, it still counts as a benefit in many people’s opinions.

Free Education and Marriage Counseling

Free education is oftentimes underlooked. If your spouse achieved a certain rank, you can qualify for MyCAA — Military Spouse Career Advancement Account. This allows free education. If the spouse doesn’t want it, the MyCAA can be transferred to the military personnel or the dependents.

On top of this, you get free marriage counseling from the Military and Family Life Counseling Program. This isn’t just for married military personnel though. It offers individual counseling as well. If a military personnel’s dependent is in need of counseling, they can also benefit from Military and Family Life Counseling Program.

All and all, being the spouse of military personnel gives you a pass to an amazing community. Being a part of it is enough on its own.

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