ATRRS Course Catalog Login

The Army Training Requirements and Resources System is a system part of the United States Army that keeps a record of student participation, manages class schedules, designates class quotas, and makes seat reservations. It is also shortly known as ATRRS.

When you register for an Army course, you’ll have to use and navigate through the ATRRS Course Catalog. To enroll, the Commander must select the student. All courses are taught in a seminar-style so students meet up in their classroom for about 4 hours a day and then prepare for the next day’s class.

The preparation for the next day’s class can be in the form of homework or reading.

How to log in ATRRS Army?

You can log in to the Army Training Requirements and Resources System by following the link below.

To log in, you’ll need your Logon ID, Passport and Access Code. Upon logging in, you can select a Fiscal Year and School Code to see the ATRRS course catalog.

ATTRS Login Page

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