Is ATRRS Down?

Is ATRRS Down? The Army Training Requirements and Resources System is all online and can only be accessed on a base computer. If you’re wondering whether or not the ATRRS is down, the possibility is very low. Since it is run by the federal government, the likelihood of ATRRS being down is very slim.

The best possible scenario in case you can’t have access to ATRRS is that you’re trying to access it on a different computer than one provided at a base. If this is the case, know that you cannot access ATRRS on your personal computer.

If you’re faced with the “No Client Certificate Presented” error know that this is the case. Are you on a base computer and you get the above error? Contact the technical personnel to fix the issues. After all, as long as you try to have access to ATRRS on a military-provided computer, you should have access to it.

At the time of writing, the ATRRS isn’t down and possibly won’t be at any time in the future. Since the number of military personnel who visits it is very limited, the chances of it being down is slim to none.

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