DA Form 31 Fillable PDF

DA Form 31 is the military form that states a member of the U.S. military’s leave. Known as the Request and Authority for Leave, DA 31 must be filled out to provide information about the type of leave, when the leave is going to take place, and whether or not the member is authorizing leave to dependents.

Filling out the DA 31 Form is simple. It’s made up of four parts. Here is what you will enter on DA 31 fillable when you file one.

Part 1.

  • Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Rank
  • Date
  • Leave Address
  • Type of Leave
    • Ordinary
    • Permissive TDY
    • Emergency
    • Other
  • Origin Station and Phone Number
  • Number of days
  • Departure
  • Extension
  • Return

Part 2.

If you, an Army member, leaving due to an emergency, enter departed unit, arrived apod, arrived apoe (once returned), and the arrived home unit. Make sure that the enter the instructions for schedule return transportation is filled out.

Part 3.

This is the part where you enter information about dependent(s) for traveling authorization. State whether or not the dependents are on leave for one way or a round trip. You can then enter the dependent(s) full name, your relationship to them, and passport number. You will also need to enter dates of birth for your children.

Part 4.

Your higher up will complete this part entering the designation and location of headquarters, accounting citation, date issued, travel order number, and signature.

This is how DA Form 31 is filled out when you go on leave regardless of the type of leave. It must be filled out by all members of the U.S. Army for requesting leave.

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