BAH Rates 2021

BAH Rates in 2021 is going to be increased due to the base salary increase. For the most part, the BAH rate of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces is determined by his or her rank, the number of dependents, and the general cost of rents in the area.

Outside of these factors, the average cost of utilities in that area can also have an impact on the BAH the military service member receives.

In short, the Basic Allowance for Housing a military service member can receive is based on the geographical duty location, rank, pay grade and the number of dependents. For example, the BAH a member of the U.S. Armed Forces with no dependents gets is going to be quite lower than someone with two or more dependents. Generally, for each dependent, between $80 to $200 is added on top of the BAH.

There is no income limits to who can receive Basic Allowance for Housing. Regardless of how much money you have saved up in your bank account, you will receive BAH if you’re not provided with government-housing.

In addition to these, the wife of military service members who are on training does also qualify for BAH. If you’re a newly enlisted soldier, your wife will receive Basic Housing for Allowance while you’re in basic training. That’s of course assuming your wife isn’t provided with on-base housing or government-housing outside of the base.

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