ADP 6-22

Army Doctrine Publication or shortly known as the ADP describes the Army Leadership and the Profession. This can be seen as a book that provides information about the Army leadership as well as the Army Profession.

Army Leadership and Profession ADP 6-22 is a 132 page long document that provides information about:

  • Army Profession and Ethic
  • Army Values
  • Army Leadership
  • Foundations of Army Leader Character
  • Foundations of Army Presence
  • Fitness
  • Resilience
  • Intellect
  • Expertise

ADP 6-22 also provides information about organizational and strategic leadership. There are three levels of Army leadership which are direct, organizational, and strategic. ADP 6-22 covers all the aspects of Army leadership and can serve as a great source to those who want to advance in their Army careers.

When starting to read ADP 6-22, go over each part separately. It’s made up of three main parts that cover—in order:

  1. Army Leader Person Character, Presence, and Intellect
  2. Competency-Based Leadership for Direct Through Strategic Leaders
  3. Leading at Organization and Strategic Levels

It’s important to go through each part on its own as the parts have their own areas. Each part is divided into chapters that explain a wide variety of topics about Army leadership. The chapters are further divided into sections that explain what you need to know about Army leadership. You can get the most recent copy of ADP 6-22 from here. The ADP 6-22 PDF can also be used in 2021 until future developments.

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